Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Crazy Saturday!!!

How should I start? Lets see, I woke up at 7:50 am Freaking out. Why? Because I had to get 3 boys ready for soccer, which means I need to gather soccer cleats, shin guards, Uniforms tops and bottoms(which are somewhere in my mountain of clean clothes), soccer socks and tell them to get dressed and keep them focused. while I am doing that I need to get myself and Russ presentable all in a matter of 10 MINUTES!!!! Since Harvey's soccer game starts at 8'o clock, which again is in 10 minutes.

We finally get their at 8:20am give or take a few minutes.

We our enjoying the game, and then the coach stops and starts telling us(the parents) that it is very important for us to be on time for the game. Since their should be two game going on at the same time instead of just one.

Here is a little background: the boys soccer league actually is quite wonderful, the coaches have it set up to where we play between ourselves, they divided the league into different teams that way the teams can be smaller therefore the boys and girls get to actually play and learn at the same time. Since their is only 4 or5 kids per team,and on the field at a time. this way each kid is playing instead of standing around.

But Since us moms haven't been on time they haven't had enough players to form two different games. so our kids aren't getting enough playing time.

I really felt bad because Harvey was really late. But I wasn't the only one. After awhile they split the teams and they were able to form two games and everyone was Happy.

Then at 9:00 Its J.P and Parkers turn to Play. During our crazy morning I couldn't find a pair of socks, so when Harvey is done he needs to quickly give his socks to Parker, but in the meantime Parker says he needs to go to the bathroom, that cant be taken care of by a tree. So we Load up in the car and find a bathroom.

Before we left I told J.P. to stay and watch Harvey and I take Russ, Harvey only has 5 more minutes left of his game.

When we get back from the bathroom, Harvey's team is done and J.p and Parker's team is on the field and Parker still needs to get some socks on. Which means Parker is late for his game, which also means I am not earning any Brownie points.

I am on a roll Today. Please let my day get better. PLEASE!!!!

One bright spot The Girls Scouts set up camp right next to my chair and I was able to stock up on Samoas.

When we our finally Loading up after a couple of steels and a few goals from the boys. we need to rush off to a Bridal shower that has already started. So of course I am in rush mode, telling the boys what we need to do when we get home so we can get to the Bridal shower in a timely fashion.
So We have the last of the chairs, the water, The girl scout cookies, and all our seat belts. We pull out and make our Way home.

Well we get about 2 or 3 miles and start thinking something doesn't feel right. I turn around and...

I realize RUSS is not in the car. I ask the Boys where Russ is, Hoping beyond hope that he just hopped in the back with the boys, and is enjoying his freedom and I merely forgot to buckle him in the car seat.

But oh no, he is still hanging out at the Soccer fields 3 miles away!!!

I quickly make a U-turn and start for the field, I cant really tell you what I was thinking, I was pretty much in shock at this point. I couldn't believe i did something like this.

Parker on the other hand is repeating out loud "Please let Russ still be their", "Please Let Russ still be their". While I am hitting every red light and having construction workers yell at me to slow down.

When we made It back to the Field, Russ didn't have a clue he had been left and the coaches wife was keeping him safe for me.

I know what you are thinking... Where was your phone? Well I will tell you, It died on me about 10 minutes earlier, so know one could get hold of me and tell me that you left your son at the field and you should come back and get him.

Once again, I am not doing very good on the Brownie Points.

The rest of the day was pretty crazy (I did get a little nap). But overall the Afternoon was Much Better than My Morning!!!

Oh and Shh!!!! Cj doesn't know yet, I haven't figured out how to tell him that I left his PRIDE AND JOY at the soccer fields.

Hope you have a better day than mine


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